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Antiques & Decorative Arts

Dealing with valuable antiques requires special care and attention to detail. We always thoroughly research an item's provenance, so that our eBay listing cites all key selling points. We begin by a thorough historical research effort of your vintage item, so that your eBay ad will have an accurate and complete historical account of the significance of the item. An item's age, rarity, aesthetic quality, function, condition, and other factors help determine how desirable an item will be.

We often consult with expert appraisers, jewelers, top craftsmen, premier auction houses, and A.A.D.A.-member antique dealers. The more that is known about your item, the higher the final selling price. Specialists may also be called upon if an item has a particularly obscure marking or signature.

Then, with the addition of clear, professional close-up macro photography (and possible MPEG movies as well, showing three dimensional detail from many angles), potential buyers and bidders will have an abundance of both visual and textual information.

Your antique items may also be listed on D-Vers.Com Online Gallery, offering antiques & decorative arts, haute couture, fine art, jewelry, and more, all presented in dazzling high-resolution HD video. D-Vers.Com Online Gallery offers works in all styles, from all periods and world cultures. A growing resource for decorators, interior designers, and collectors and consumers alike, D-Vers.Com has new pieces added to its inventory nearly daily.

If an item is accepted for listing on D-Vers.Com, there are no fees for this service, and the item shall remain listed until sold. (Please click HERE, or on the 'Free Listing on Other High-Traffic Sites' link at right, for more details regarding this option)

Valuable antiques are in high demand, both on eBay and at other specialized online sites. With the growing popularity of the PBS hit, "Antiques Road Show", North American interest in antiques is significant. Unfortunately, many of those seeking to purchase rare pieces live far from New York City, or other such areas offering an abundance of 'bricks and mortar' antiques galleries, and thus lack any real opportunity to purchase in the 'real world'.

Listing you antique items online with eBay is an intelligent decision; likely the easiest (and most cost-effective) means of reaching the widest audience possible, and potentially finding a buyer. Even for those living in New York, web sites such as eBay, D-Vers.Com Online Gallery, GoAntiques, and others, offer a convenient opportunity to find a sought-after piece. Thus, many local buyers turn to the internet, as well as visiting galleries, when in the market for antiques.

Please see out collectibles section for more information on related items. (Please click HERE, or on the 'Collectibles' link at left, for more details regarding this option)

eBay antiques categories include Furniture; Decorative Arts; Primitive / Folk Art; Asian Antiques; Architectural and Garden; Rugs and Carpets; Silver; Antiquities: Classical and The Americas- (Roman, Egyptian, Greek, Neolithic, Paleolithic); Textiles and Lines; Science and Medicine; Maritime; Books and Manuscripts; Periods and Styles; Musical Instruments; Maps, Atlases, and Globes; Ethnographic; Sewing; Reproduction Antiques; and 'Other Antiques'. (Please click HERE to view eBay's Antiques Sub-Categories)

Pottery, & Glass

Rare pottery and glass are a mainstay of eBay's sales, and pieces from glassmakers of note such as Murano, Blenko, and Spode are often found on eBay. Pottery and ceramics from Rosenthal, Wedgewood, Lenox, Blue Ridge, Roseville, and Arabia are also often listed on eBay. Even rare pieces from ancient, and even pre-ancient times may be sometimes found.

Glass categories include Art Glass, Paperweights, Stained Glass, Sdudio/Handcrafted Glass. Czech Bohemian, British, French, Maltese, Medina, North American, Scandanavian, Glassware, Amethyst, Carnival Glass, Xhildrens Glass, Cobalt, Contemorary Glass, Crackle Glass, Cut Glass, Depression, EAPG Pattern Glass 1850 - 1910, Kitchen Glassware, and wholesale lots. (Please click HERE, for a full listing of all eBay Glass, Pottery, and China subcategories)



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