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IslandAuctionAssist - eBay Trading Assistant Consultant Professionals


With our impeccable eBay reputation and attention to detail, our eBay buyers trust our name. When it comes to valuable coins, bullion, and stamps, a high feedback rating is absolutely crucial. It can, and will, make the difference between the item selling, and not selling. Check our feedback on eBay, and see for yourself what our past buyer have said about dealing with us. Buyers on eBay will NOT purchase rare items from an unproven seller! (Please click HERE, or on the 'eBay Feedback' link above for our eBay feedback records))



Coins have been collected for millenia, probably because they were metallic, and therefore among the most durable of items. Coin collectors seek all manner of tokens, paper money, struck coins, both legally minted currency of the circulated and uncirculated variety of precious and non-precious metals and alloys, as well as commemorative coins, medals, and pendants. IslandAuctionAssist will list your valuable coins for sale on eBay, the world's largest e-market, reaching the highest number of potential buyers, out of any available online or 'real world' auction or other selling venue.

Our decades of personal experience as numismatists sets us apart. With a love for coins (and other currency), rest assured that your items will recieve special treatment, and our eBay listings will cite all important key facts. Our enthusiasm will certainly show. And of course, experience matters. As an avid collector, consider whether you would trust than an indivudal without any background in numismatics could do an acceptable job in selling items they know nothing about. IslandAuctionAssist provides the advantage of experience, which translates into better-informed eBay listings, and conseuqnently the potential for a higher final selling price.

IslandAuctionAssist thoroughly researches the value of your item, and creates an eBay auction that will attract a wide range of potential buyers. By writing clear, concise, and illustrative copy, potential bidders and buyers may learn more about the item, and decide to bid based on that new knowledge.

IslandAuctionAssist also takes many close-up macro photographs of your item, so that bidders can verify that the textual description in the eBay listing matches the actual condition. Obverse, reverse, and milling are always photographed, and super-macro photos of specific details of note may alos be utilized, in order to accentuate key points.

Your valuable coins may be left at your location, or we can take them with us to keep in safe storage while on consignment. This choice is yours; we allow our clients to work with us in whatever manner then prefer. Photographs will be taken either at our own site, or your location, depending on where the coins are to be left.

Entire collections may be sold as a lot, in bulk, or coins may be listed individually, or in small groupings, depedning upon market value of the items. There are numerous third-party coin grading services, including PCGS, ICG, NGC,, ANACS, SEGS, PCI, ICCS, HALLMARK, and NTC. We at IslandAuctionAssist may be avid collectors, however we are NOT certified to grade coins.

PCGS (Professinoal Coin Grading Service), ICG (Independent Coin Grading Company), NGC (Numismatics Guaranty Corporation of America), and ANACS are among the must trusted third-parrty gradinmg services, and buyers and bidders will have more confidence with coins graded by these respected companies. This may be reflected in a higher final selling price, as these industry 'top four' are regarded as highly accurate, and therefore thier word is respected. We may suggest submitting your collection for formal grading if you have many ungraded pieces of significant worth, however, the final decision on this rests with you, the client.



Precious metals are rare metaillic elements, of significant value owing to thier scarcity and desirablity for industrial or artistic use. In bulk form, precious metals are known as 'bullion,' and are assayed for purity, and stamped to denote the amount of precious metal, usually 99.9%. IslandAuctionAssist will list your bullion for sale on eBay, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Both coins and bars are accepted for listing, and from all nations minting bullion.

*Special Rates* applying ONLY to bullion (of all types), is calculated as follows: IslandAuctionAssist's commission for ALL precious metal bullion, in all forms, is 6% of the Final Value of the item.



Stamp Collectors collect postage stamps, tax (and other) revenue stamps, as well as covers, envelopes or packages with stamps affixed to them. Rare stamps may be found worldwide, however, most rare stamps are usually quite old. IslandAuctionAssist welcomes your rare stamps and covers. Stamps often appreciate nicely, and are one of the most compact means of storing wealth.

As with coins, with a family heritage of collecting, we at IslandAuctionAssist have decades of experience collecting stamps and related material. We will photograph your items carefully, using close-up macro shots that clearly depict the item in clear and vivid terms. In addition, we will write clear copy explaining why the item is considered noteworthy. Between the visual and textual detials, eBay bidders and potential buyers will have a rich source of material on which to base their bidding choices.


As with all items that we accept, your coins, bullion, or stamps may be listed on D-Vers.Com, ArtNet.Com, GoAntiques.Com, and / or other non-eBay websites. There are no additional fees for this service, and the item(s) remain listed until sold. (Please click HERE, or on the 'Free Listing on Other High-Traffic Sites' link at right, for more details regarding this complimentary service)



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