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Consignment For Local Clients

When local clients place an item on consignment with IslandAuctionAssist for sale on eBay, three options are availalbe:

(1) whether to keep the item in your possession and package and ship the item yourself; (2) keep the item until sold, at which time IslandAuctionAssist shall pick up, package, and ship the item; or (3) permit IslandAuctionAssist to take the item at the time of contract signing and keep it in storage until sold, at which time IslandAuctionAssist shall package and ship the item. Depending upon your own circumstances, one of the three options will be best for you. IslandAuctionAssist always lets our Sellers choose how to address storage, packaging, and shipping. (Please click HERE, or on the 'Shipping' link to the right for more information)

If you are located within driving distance, IslandAuctionAssist will travel to your location, free of charge, for a consultation. As stated above, we take the item for consignment only if you wish, as an item may also be left in the custody of the owner until such time as the item sells, when we will return with a bank check or money order and pick up the items for packaging and shipping. IslandAuctionAssist safely keeps all items in secure, climate controlled storage until your item sells. (Please click HERE, or on the 'Fee Structure' link at right, for more details regarding our eBay Trading Assistant Fee Structure)

With our impeccable eBay reputation and attention to detail, our eBay buyers trust our name. When it comes to eBay, a high feedback rating is absolutely crucial. It can, and will, make the difference between an item selling, and not selling. Check our feedback on eBay, and see for yourself what our past buyer have said about dealing with us. Buyers on eBay will NOT purchase rare items from an unproven seller! (Please click HERE, or on the 'eBay Feedback' link above for our eBay feedback records)

Some of our regular Third Party Seller clients located nearby, within New York City and its surrounding environs, choose to keep the item on-site, and take care of packaging and shipping themselves. This usually provides a faster turnaround for the internet buyer, and works well for those of our clients whose establishments are already in the habit of shipping packages daily.

However, we at IslandAuctionAssist welcome consignments from private individuals, as well as business clients. Nearly 100% of the individuals we work with would rather not have to deal with shipping, and so we will always provide the option of taking care of all dealing with eBay (or other internet site) buyers, including packaging, and shipment.


Distance Consignment For Clients Outside of the NYC Metro Area

If you or your business or gallery is not within, or near, the New York City metro area, you may still list your items with us. There are two alternative methods of having IslandAuctionAssist sell your item:

Method 1: Simply mail your item as an insured, Registered, Return-Receipt USPS, UPS, or Fedex package, and include the contract that we will e-mail or fax you once you e-mail or call us about our Distance Consignment Program. IslandAuctionAssist will store the item, list the item on eBay, and when the item sells, package and ship to the auction winner. Once the item sells, IslandAuctionAssist will pay the cost you incurred shipping the item to us.

Method 2: If you would prefer to keep the item on-site and ship to the eBay buyer yourself, IslandAuctionAssist will gladly work with you. A signed contract must be mailed back to IslandAuctionAssist, (we will provide this; please e-mail for the form).

Please note: Not all items will be eligible for Distance Consignment; please e-mail for details.



Individuals choosing to employ the services of IslandAuctionAssist must cease all attempts to procure a sale in competing and /or non-competing markets, whether online or in the 'real world', while the item is listed on eBay, and the signed contract is in effect.

If the item is from a gallery or museum collection; or if you are representing the item and / or its creator; or you are the creator of the item being sold, then you MAY continue to attempt to procure a sale on your own, and follow through with such sale, even at such times that your item is currently listed with IslandAuctionAssist on eBay, or other internet sites. However, IslandAuctionAssist insists that such attempts not be made in competing markets.


Other Sites & the 'Real World'

IslandAuctionAssist reserves the right to list your item on other internet sites, e-markets, message hubs, and professionals' selling lists. We also reserve the right to sell your item in the 'real world', when possible. (Please click HERE, or on the Free Listing on Other High Traffic Sites' link to the right for more information)


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