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Estate sales are conducted for a variety of reasons. Often, a family is relocating, or has experienced the loss of a loved one. We at IslandAuctionAssist understand that estate sales must be conducted quickly and carefully, and most importantly, with sensitivity and respect. After all, we cannot forget that we are selling those items that were once valuable and important to living or deceased family members. We feel that an online auction may be a more discreet and civil manner of disposing of an estate in some instances; in the case of a live in-person, on-site estate auction, survivors of the deceased may feel uncomfortable.

Conducting estate sales through eBay is an effective means of obtaining high selling prices, and quickly. Our reputation on eBay is excellent; our buyers trust us because we have a proven track record of selling in a responsible and honest manner. Check our eBay feedback to see what recent buyers have written about their buying experience.

Through eBay, you will reach exponentially more potential buyers than any traditional estate sale service ever could, even under ideal circumstances. Instead of dealing with dozens, or even a few hundred potential buyers, consider benefiting from eBay's vast user base of million and millions of members, consisting of a wide demographic of worldwide buyers.

For further pricing and other auction information, please read our informative page links in the right column.

If you are a professional estate sales service, we will work with you at special rates. Please inquire for details.



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