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Free Listing on On D-Vers, ArtNet, & GoAntiques.Com

IslandAuctionAssist - eBay Trading Assistant Consultant Professionals


As an added benefit to listing on eBay with IslandAuctionAssist, IslandAuctionAssist may also list your item on ArtNet.Com, GoAntiques.Com, and / or D-Vers.Com Online Gallery, depending upon the type and rarity of each item, as well as market demand and other conditions. Your item may be listed on one or more of these sites concurrent with running eBay auctions, or may be listed only after failing to sell for the asking price on eBay. Again, this depends upon the individual circumstances involving each item.

D-Vers.Com Online Gallery offers a diverse selection of antiques & decorative arts, haute couture, fine art, jewelry, and more. New pieces added daily. D-Vers.Com is a wonderful place to peruse pieces in a true online gallery, in HD high-definition resolution, with some items listings even featuring movies, so that viewers might appreciate a three-dimensional object in all its splendor. A growing resource for interior designers and end consumers alike, D-Vers.Com Online Gallery is certainly one of the top web sites to browse, and purchase, finer items. (Please click HERE to visit D-Vers.Com)

New York City's foremost galleries are represented on a continual basis on D-Vers.Com Online Gallery, including Hemingwayt African Art, one of New York's largest African art galleries, as well as Atlantic Gallery, an exclusive antique gallery specializing in European works, recently featured on the cover of Architectural Digest. Oksana Remi, recipient of New York Moves magazine's 'Designer of the Year 2007' award, also lists her breathtaking haute couture creations on a continual basis with D-Vers.Com Online Gallery.

Listing on D-Vers is always 100% free of charge. If D-Vers.Com accepts your piece for listing, and it sells, IslandAuctionAssist will take precisely the amount we would have as an eBay Trading Assistant, had your item sold on eBay.

In addition to D-Vers.Com Online Gallery, IslandAuctionAssist is the exclusive agent for Rêves Doux Gallery, a different online gallery with more stringent listing requirements. Artists and galleries are selected by invitation only. No single piece may be listed that is worth less than $4,000. Artists and designers must be verifiably established in the 'investment art' marketplace. (This site is currently under testing and will be open for visitors July 4, 2009.) The fee schedule for Rêves Doux Gallery differs from our fees for listing on eBay and (please inquire for details.)

If you are listing fine art with us on eBay, it may also appear on ArtNet.Com. ArtNet was established in 1989 by Hans Neuendorf and other former and then-current gallery owners. ArtNet maintains an online illustrated Price Database of auction records, which facilitates research into market value and long-term price development. Artnet offers fine art online auctions through registered dealers such as IslandAuctionAssist, in direct competition to the established 'big name' auction houses. The clientele served by ArtNet includes galleries, private collectors, appraisers, museums, auctioneers, as well as art enthusiasts of every stripe.

ArtNet does, in fact, charge a fee for listing a work of fine art with their service. We may automatically list your item on ArtNet and elect to pay this fee for you, if we feel strongly about listing your item on ArtNet. However, if we choose not to list your item on ArtNet, but your item still meets the minimum criteria established by ArtNet for its listings, you may pay the $25 fee per listing yourself. In either case, ArtNet does take its own percentage (10%) of the final sale, just as eBay would, had your item sold on eBay.

If the item is listed on ArtNet and IslandAuctionAssist pays the listing fee, then we will absorb the difference between eBay's Final Value Fee and ArtNet's 10% deduction from the sale price of your item. Please note that if IslandAuctionAssist chooses not to pay the ArtNet fee, and the Seller wishes to have the item listed anyway, then IslandAuctionAssist will take the exact same amount as we would as an eBay Trading Assistant, had your item sold on eBay, and ArtNet will still take it's customary 10%.


GoAntiques.Com allows member dealers to sell antiques, collectibles, art, and other merchandise as retail items, as well as in the eBay Live Auction format. As of 2007, there were 1,800 dealers registered in 29 counties. Categories include Advertising, Architecture/Gardening, Art, Auction Catalogs, Books, Clocks, Decorative Arts, Furniture, Glass, Jewelry, Lighting Devices, Photography, Porcelain-Pottery, Prints, Scientific-Medical, Silver/Silverware, Textiles-Sewing, Watches. GoAntiques will take 10% of the final selling price for your item. We do not charge any additional fees to list with GoAntiques.Com, however, if we choose not to list your item on this site, you may not pay a fee in order to list it anyway.


We may also list your item on other online websites including, but not limited to and Ruby Lane, or other information platforms, both public and private. As the final selling fees are always higher than eBay's fees on nearly all of these other sites (roughly 10% on all others to eBay's 4%!), eBay is clearly the bargain.


If we list the item by our own choice on any of these other sites besides eBay, IslandAuctionAssist will be entitled to the same sliding-scale percentage of the selling price as we would as eBay Trading Assistants, had the item sold on eBay, MINUS 6%. Therefore, if we are entitled to 15% according to our eBay Trading Assistant fee schedule, we would only take 9% of the item's selling price. (Please click HERE, or on the 'Fee Structure' link at right, for more details regarding our eBay Trading Assistant Fee Structure)


We also reserve the right to sell your item in the 'real world'. We will do everything we can to pursue the sale of your item, if we believes it is worthy of such efforts. 'Real world' sales are billed at the same rate as IslandAuctionAssist charges for sales as an eBay Trading Assistant. Please note that PayPal, Credit Card, or other payment processing fees may also apply, if the buyer opts to utilize such services. As a result, we do allow our clients to choose to decline such purchase methods.


Detailed Listing of GoAntiques categories:

Action Figures, Advertising , Ancients, Animation Art, Antiquities, Archeology, Architectural/Garden, Arms and Armor, Art, Auction Catalogs, Autographs, Automobiles/Cars, Bakelite,Bank Notes - Other Countries, Banks, Black Memorabilia, Books, Bottles, Breweriana, Bronzes, Canes/Walking Sticks, Cards/Non-Sport, Cards/Sport, Carpets/Rugs, Cartoon Characters, Clocks, Coca Cola Collectibles, Coin Operated, Comics/Comic Books, Contemporary Collectibles, Cookie Jars, Decorative Arts, Desk Accessories, Disneyana, Display Cases and Accessories, Dolls, Drawings, Electrical Appliances, Ephemera, Ethnography, Fast Food Memorabilia, Figurines, Folk Art, Frames, Furniture, Furniture Accessories, Games, Glass, Holiday, Holiday Collectibles, Ivories, Jewelry, Jewelry - Costume, Jewelry - Estate, Kitchen Items, Lighters/Smoking Items, Lighting Devices, Limited Edition, Lithographs, Lunch Boxes, Maps, Metalware, Militaria/War Memorabilia, Miniatures, Misc. Antiques, Misc. Collectibles, Misc. Estate Items, Models, Movie Memorabilia, Music, Music Memorabilia, Nautical, Objects of Vertu, Orientalia, Paintings, Paperweights, Pens/Writing Instruments, Perfumes, Photography, Political Memorabilia, Porcelain-Pottery, Postcards, Posters, Prints, Racing Collectibles, Railroad, Religious Items, Royal Memorabilia, Salt & Pepper, Scientific-Medical, Scripophily, Sculpture, Signs, Silver/Silverware, Soda Pop, Souvenirs, Sports, Sports Memorabilia,Stamps, Tapestries, Taxidermy, Television Memorabilia, Textiles-Sewing, Tools, Toys, US Cents, US Commemoratives, US Currency - Large Size, US Currency - Small Size, US Dimes, US Dollars, US Gold Coins, US Half Dimes, US Half Dollars, US Nickels, US Proof & Mint Sets, US Proof Coins, US Proof Gold Coins, US Quarters, Vintage Apparel, Vintage Posters, Watches, Western Collectibles, Wine, World's Fair, Writing Instruments


(Please click HERE to visit D-Vers.Com List of Deocrative Arts & Antiques Galleries)



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