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IslandAuctionAssist - eBay Trading Assistant Consultant Professionals


IslandAuctionAssist will list your motor vehicle for you on eBay. Interested in selling your motor vehicle online, but would rather avoid the hassles involved? Let us take care of everything invovled. (Please click HERE, or on the 'AuctionArchives' link at above, to see some of our past eBay Motor Vehicle Auctions)


Reach buyers all over the US, Canada, and the world. Many eBay buyers will ship a vehicle to their area. Even in your own local area, you will likely reach more buyers than utilizing traditional means of selling your motor vehicle such as newspaper ads, circulars, CarShopper news magazines, and the like. We welcome all late-model vehicles, hybrids, tractors, heavy trucks, luxury cars, sports cars, high-end performance cars, antiques, historical cars, and collectibles.

We begin with clear, professional-quality, large-sized photographs and MPEG movies of your motor vehicle.

Twenty-four images is the maximum for eBay Motors, however, with our off-site hosting capabilities, we link our external gallery with an UNLIMITED number of photographs, as well as MGEP videos. eBay bidders like seeing what they're getting. Additionally, our good reputation as honest and fair sellers helps assure buyers that they are getting what they paid for.

We only collect our fee if the vehicle you know we'll always do our best to make sure it DOES sell.

To get started listing, the cost is roughly $125. (see below chart for more details, please!)

($20 of that will cover eBay's motor vehicle Insertion Fee, and the remaining $105 covers eBay's Successful Listing Fee' .)

We will list your motor vehicle on eBay for a flat-rate fee that we only collect ONCE the vehicle sells!

We write the advertising copy and take photographs for your eBay ad. That includes a link to our site where we host unlimited hi-res photos, as well as MPEG movies, besides the usual 24 super size photos available on eBay. You motor vehicle will have more clear super-size photos and MPEG videos than any other eBay motors listing.

You pay us ONLY for our creative services. No sales commission of ANY kind!! No gouging! Really reasonable rates!! The only thing required of you is to hand over the keys when the buyer comes to pick up the vehicle. It is really too simple to believe.

We have EXTENSIVE experience: formal training in advertising and marketing, years of e-marketing and real world we take spectacular professional-quality photos, and write copy that is engaging and interesting. We will then set up the listing and post it to eBay. And, as far as motor vehicles are concerned, we provide a thorough inspection of the vehicle, inside and out, and note any and all issues, defects, or problems. As a former vehicle-electronics installer, our photographer will not only take the photos, but provide significant writtem detail about the state of the vehicle to potential bidders.

In addition, at no extra charge, in the event that your motor vehicle does not sell on eBay and you choose not to relist, we will simultaneously post your car ad to D-Vers.Com. Even if you elect to not relist with eBay, we will continue to keep your car listed on D-Vers.Com until the vehicle sells. In terms of value, placing a car with us is an unbeatable deal.

No hassles, and it's 100% EASY!!


Our Listing Fees:

We only collect our fee if your motor vehicle you know we'll always do our best to make sure it DOES sell. If it doesn't sell, you still get unlimited listing of your vehicle on our web site, free of charge.

To get started listing your vehicle, the up-front cost is as follows: (not including any currently active discount promotional offers)

Passenger Vehicles $125
Motorcycles $100
Powersports $100
Powersports Vehicles Under 50cc $10
Other Vehicles $125

A portion of that covers eBay Motors' Vehicle Insertion Fee, and the remainder pays for eBay's 'Transaction Services Fee' . The full set of fees is as follows:

Insertion and Transaction Service Fee:

Category.......................................Insertion Fee....................Successful Listing Fee

Passenger Vehicles.........................$20.00.............................$105.00
Powersports Vehicles Under 50cc....$0.00............................... $10.00
Other Vehicles...............................$20.00...............................$105.00

Our Creative Services fees are only collected if the vehicle sells. Our rate is $300 for vehicles selling for under $20,000; $400 for vehicles ranging from $20,001 to $39,999; $500 for vehicles selling for over $40,000; $600 for a vehicle that sells for over $60,000, and $700 for all vehicles selling for over $85,000. That fee includes all photography and copy services, and listing the item to eBay.

eBay allows a Seller to place a Reserve on their Motor Vehicle, and their rates for doing so have become very reasonable. At this time, the reserve fee is $7.00 for all vehicles except Powersport Vehicles under 50cc. For these Powersport Vehicles, the Reserve Fee is $2.00. The Reserve Fee, if you choose to place a Reserve on your vehicle, is non-refundable in all circumstances.

(The full Successful Listing Fee is charged only if your vehicle receives a bid in excess of the Reserve Amount. If no bids are placed on your vehicle, and you choose not to relist, the fee will be refunded to you. If you list an item and it receives a bid, but the buyer does not pay, you may qualify for a credit by relisting the item. If the item sells the second time, eBay will refund the Insertion Fee for the relisting. If it does not sell the second time, the Successful Listing Fee is non-refundable)


Ebay Vehicle Rates:

eBay charges the Successful Listing Fee once a motor vehicle receives a bid, if no reserve is selected, or gets bid higher than your reserve, if you opt to set a reserve price.

(Regardless of whether the buyers follows through with the sale, this fee must be paid. This seems like a lousy deal, but the good part is, if the winning bidder backs out, eBay allows you to give the next bidder in line a 'Second Chance Offer', so the $125 first bid fee usually won't be wasted if there was more than one bidder.)

If the item does NOT receive a bid, we will return the Successful Listing Fee to you, in the event that you choose not to relist.(Your motor vehicle will remain listed on our web site, even still!)




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