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IslandAuctionAssist - eBay Trading Assistant Consultant Professionals


Let IslandAuctionAssist help you list your real estate on eBay, serving as your private copy writing and photography service. Save a great deal of cash, as we do not take ANY percentage of the final sale, as Licensed Realtors would.

100% Legal and Legitimate - Full Compliance with *ALL* State and Local Laws!

Why deal with brokers, when you can sell your residential, commercial, or industrial real estate yourself? We are marketing specialists who will help you sell your property on eBay. You sell the property yourself!

Professional registered eBay trading assistants consultants, we will help you list your property. We take attractive photographs and MPEG video, as well as write engaging copy based on careful research.

If you are not yet an eBay member, we will set up your eBay account to utilize, free of charge, and create an eBay listing for your property. We will even host the photos and video on our own servers, so there is NO additional cost for these services. Since we host our own images, we can offer our Selling Partners an unlimited number of full-size photographs, as well as MPEG movies, compared with eBay's (limited) photo packages which are NOT free. No other Trading Assistant offers this service, free or otherwise. With us, it is included with every Creative Services Package.

You pay us NO COMMISSION whatsoever! We don't even charge you for helping you to create your eBay listing. Our eBay services for real estate are 100% free. We only charge you for our creative services, including a CD with the images and movies that becomes yours to use later, if the item does not sell on eBay and you wish to sell on another online, or 'real world' venue.

WE ARE NOT A REAL ESTATE AGENCY!! We are Registered eBay Trading Assistant Consultants. And, we are willing to certify in your eBay listing that wrote the copy, and took photos and video, and helped you create the listing on your account. Even if you are a new eBay user, having IslandAuctionAssist involved as your Advertising Copy Writer and Photographer will help eBay buyers trust that you are legitimate, owing to our own high eBay feedback score. We cannot, and do not, list ANY property on our own eBay account; we limit our Real Estate services to writing copy.

YOU conduct the sale, on YOUR TERMS. We create the eBay advertisement that brings you your buyer. It is your sale; you are in charge.

This is probably the single most effective method of finding a buyer for your property. And it is ridiculously easy.

YOU maintain control of YOUR sale. No handing over control to an inattentive sales associate, too busy trying to juggle 52 accounts.

For more information, e-mail or call 877-839-1573.

Serious inquiries only.

Our fee structure is as follows: Posting the real estate advertisement to eBay is completely free of charge! Even if you have no eBay account as of yet, setting up an account for you is also 100% free!

IslandAuctionAssist charges a $350 Creative Services charge, which covers photographs and videos, writing of the copy, and research and collection of the property's local area statistics. You will receive a CD with both the photographs and the MPEG movies, so if you want to sell the property in another way, you have a great deal of material to work with.

Conducting real estate sales through eBay is an effective means of obtaining high selling prices for your property. Our reputation on eBay is impeccable; our buyers trust us because we have a proven track record of selling in a responsible and fair manner. As stated above, we would be willing to take credit for your photography and ad copy.

Through eBay, you will reach exponentially more potential buyers than any traditional estate sale service could. Instead of dealing with hundred or thousands of potential buyers, consider benefiting from eBay's vast user base of hundreds of millions of eBay members, consisting of the widest demographic possible.

For further pricing and other auction information, please read our informative page links in the right column.

If you are a professional real estate sales service, we will work with you at special rates. Please inquire for details.



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