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A variety of listing format exist on eBay. Pease note that Motor Vehicles and Real Estate are handled differently; please click on the above links to visit our other web pages relating to these types of eBay listings.

Auction-style Listings: An eBay auction is somewhat like a real auction: You set the starting price for bidding, and potential buyers compete for the item by placing bids with eBay. eBay's computer servers take care of the mechanics of all this. An item will be eligible for sale at the price it is started at, if using an auction-style listing with no reserve. If a reserve is selected, the item will not be considered sold until the price reaches, or exceeds, the reserve.

Buy-It-Now: This option allows a buyer to purchase an item for sale on eBay instantly, without waiting for the auction to end. Buy-It-Now may be used in conjunction with a standard auction- style listing. Once a auction bid is placed, however, the option to Buy-It-Now is lost.
(See example of auction with buy-it now and auction-style pricing)

Best Offer: With a Best Offer, buyers have the option of submitting an offer lower than the Buy It Now price that is also listed. Of course, we will only sell at a price that you approve of. Please note that Best Offers may only be used in conjunction with Buy It Now, and NOT auction-style listings. Counteroffers may be submitted to the buyer as well. For some items, this is the best way to proceed

Reserve: A reserve price allows bidding to begin at a lower price than the seller would actually find acceptable, were the auction to end without the reserve being met. The item will only sell once the reserve price has been reached or exceeded. This is often useful, in that it encourages more bids, and greater interest. Often, competing buyers will have small ‘bidding wars', taking an item's final value to stratospheric heights!

Multiple Items

Selling Multiple Items together in a Listing is possible:. There are three such ways in which one might offer items for sale on eBay in such a manner:

The first is a Dutch Auction, or auction-style listing. This is used when listing multiple identical items. The seller determines the start price, and bidders not only enter a bid, but a quantity as well.

The final value of your item is determined not by the highest bid, but the lowest. For instance, let us assume that a Dutch Auction offers a quantity of eight items. Let us assume further that Bidder A places a bid for 5 items at $4 each, and bidder B places a bid for 3 items at $9 each. Both bidders would win the auction, however both bidders would receive the items for $4.

With Dutch Auctions, winners retain the right to refuse partial quantities, if, and only if a bidder wins any fewer that the full number of items bid on. To again refer to the example above, let us now consider that Let us assume further that Bidder A places a bid for all 8 of the items at $4 each, and bidder B places a bid for 3 items at $9 each. Both bidders would win the auction, both bidders would receive the items for $4, but bidder A will only be eligible to purchase five.
Fixed-Price Listing: is the second such method of selling multiple items in one listing on eBay. It is quite different than a Dutch Auction. Buyers only specify quantity; pricing is wholly determined by the seller.

A lot listing is the third way to sell multiple items, and is appropriate for similar items. It is therefore useful when the aforementioned methods are not available. Bidders compete to win the item, starting at the price determined by the buyer.



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