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eBay offers listing upgrade, which have been shown to heighten the probabilty than an item will sell, as well as increase the final selling price. As a seller, you may request any of the below Listing Upgrades. Except where noted, listing upgrades carry a charge that will be added to your invoice.

*IslandAuctionAssist will NEVER charge you for eBay Listing Upgrades that you did not specifically request on your signed contract*

In some instances, IslandAuctionAssist will select Listing Upgrades for an auction listing, even if a client did not do so, if we feel that an item is unusually interesting or especially valuable. In this case only, our clients are NOT responsible for ANY of the additional listing upgrade fees incurred.

Please note: In no way does eBay, or IslandAuctionAssist, assert that any of the Listing Upgrades are guaranteed to affect sale of an item, or final selling price. Although statisitcally proven as 'effective', Listing Upgrades are not foolproof, as market conditions and other variables may affect an auction's outcome.


A Gallery Picture (FREE), which allows bidders and potential buyers to view a small thumbnail of your item when browsing eBay categories or viewing search results, is an absolute necessity.

A Subtitle may also be added to your item listing. This subtitle will appear under the title in smaller type when eBay users are browsing eBay categories or viewing search results. A subtitle offers more textual detail about the item, and may be helpful. The use of a subtitle is $.50.

Additional Pictures (FREE) IslandAuctionAssist allows an UNLIMITED number of photos and MPEG videos of your item on each eBay auction listing! Compare this with eBay's usual cost of picture photo pack with extra large photos. ($1.00 for up to six extra large photos; $1.50 for the eBay maximum of 12 extra large photos) This means that you do no pay ANY additional charges for photos, even if your item requires 27 photos in order to be visually documented properly. Because we host the photos and video ourselves on IslandAuctionAssist's dedicated server, there is no limit to what we can do.

The Bold option sets your item's title in boldface type. This is often an inexpensive strategy for setting the item apart from the field of other similar items in eBay categories, or when viewing search results. The cost for the Bold option is $1.

The Border option is another useful visual aid that adds a colored band both to the top and bottom of the item listing, when browsing eBay categories or viewing search results. The cost for adding the Border option is $3.

The Highlight option adds a bright colored background to the whole of the listing, when browsing eBay categories or viewing search results. We have found highlight to be an extremely effective marketing tool. The cost of this option is $5.

The Features Plus! Option will display the item in the prominent position of the Featured Items section at the top of its category. The item will additionally display in the usual, non-featured list of items in that same category, further down from the Featured Items area, of course. The cost for this option is $19.95

The Gallery Featured option will display the item at the highest part of the search results page, above the general Picture Gallery. Items in this area of the eBay page are above even the Featured Plus! items, and are spaced less densely. The cost for this service is $29.95.

(Please note: The exact position among the other items at the top of the category page is affected by factors such as the timing of the listing, as well as the number of other Gallery Featured items in the category selected. Therefore, eBay cannot guarantee that all Gallery Featured listings will receive the same exposure.)

The Home Page Featured option garners the greatest exposure possible on eBay. Items with this option selected will have the possibility of displaying in three places: On eBay's home page, on eBay's Hub Page, and also in eBay's special Featured Items section which appears when users first link to the eBay site. The cost for this service is $59.99; 2 or more listings with this option selected are $79.95. When listing mor than two items at the same time with this option selected, that same $79.95 total applies. The highest that a seller may be charged is $79.95, regardless of how many listings utilize this option.

Listing in 2 Categories is another option available. This often has the benefit of increasing the number of Bay buyers that will find your item on eBay, as it is will b listed in two distinct category listings simultaneously. (Listing in two categories doubles the Insertion Fee, as well as the fees for most listing upgrades (Bold, Gallery, and so on). Fees for Home Page Featured, Motors Home Page Featured, and Final Value Fees remain the same whether you list in one category or two.)



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